The End of StumbleUpon? Blog Functionality Being Phased Out, Users Headed to Tumblr New Media Services

The End of StumbleUpon? Blog Functionality Being Phased Out, Users Headed to Tumblr

From the page: “Word around StumbleUpon is that the social bookmarking site, powered by its ever-popular and addictive toolbar, will soon do away with their blogging functionality. User profiles will revert to the “thumbnail” view, erasing years of user-tailored blog pages, some of them carefully tweaked using basic HTML. Though StumbleUpon staff members are assuring everyone they’ll have plenty of time to export their blogs, they don’t claim to have a working export feature just yet. Here are some screenshots of the earful StumbleUpon staff are having to deal with over at Get Satisfaction, along with the official statement from their community manager.”

What I have thought one of the two most intelligently designed social network sites has suddenly announced changes that effect one of its chief appeals: a blog.

It’s like a 5 star hotel announcing it’s cutting it’s services to become a 2 star hotel. It’s like a Mercedes Benz thinking it cool to look like a junkyard Studebaker. In removing the ability to post attractively, StumbleUpon now will be a site hardly any different then Digg or Mashable, in my opinion. In addition, it will help inadvertently elevate Tumblr’s brand by causing many Stumblers to move to their posting platform – or Posterous, Categorian, and Google+ as alternatives. StumbleUpon’s better alternative would have been limited HTML code posting, but not its elimination, to maintain its unique differentiation from other alternatives.

I created a site on Tumblr (aliasinkhorn) and Google+ (Alias Inkhorn (thanks to PurpleGem)) and have been, however, slow to adopt them. Current SU news will turn my interests toward them.

It is peculiar to me that SU has made this change, although their new business model must predict increased success and improved bottom-line, because SU makes money on our interests and connections; Stumble, Discover, post, share, and follower. One would think SU, however, would keep Stumblers pleased and loyal to it to continue its popularity and positive WOM.

I’ve never been pleased SU didn’t have an export function – and now necessary for many. I have always thought it was a deliberate omission; it keeps us close to SU. Many of us have devoted hundreds of hours over the years to create our SU sites, And now it appears, maybe unfairly, but appears nonetheless, that SU does not value nor reward our dedication to it.

I will leave my SU site up. It might have value to others over time. But unless I see changes that demonstrate interest in Stumblers, I will be inactive.

I’ve tried to download my site with special software with no success. I will save as much as I can of my site manually before it looks like a bone yard. Each page of posts will be copied and pasted in an Outlook e-mail. I’ve used Outlook (and Gmail) for archiving over the years and it works well. Pages can also be copied and saved in Word. Most of the post format is retained – SU functions will be copied also, of course, but will align vertically to left margin and deleted easily. It’s a time consuming method, but there are a number of posts of value I will work to keep. Perhaps, in the meantime, SU will release an export function. It would be a big ‘thank you’ to us all who have contributed to its past and present success.

It’s been a real ride since early 2008. And it’s been a great pleasure to have met and gotten to be acquainted with or to know so many wonderful and fine people on SU. Going through some very difficult times, the best friends I’ve had were here in Stumbleville. I’ve been blessed and give great thanks to them all.


Update: Followed foresthippy’s instructions with one little change and successfully downloaded site.

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