Happiness and Socialism – Be Careful What You Wish For


Happiness and Socialism – Be Careful What You Wish For

From the page: “Most people don’t understand the implications of socialism as it sets into a civilization society. Especially a strong capitalist nation, but rest assured a socialist mindset changes everything. Before President Obama was elected many of the Republicans on the other side of the fence called him a; socialist. He of course denied that, because the socialist stigma still means something with the older generation, namely Hitler was also a socialist. Interestingly enough, I can recall before the election there was a famous NFL football player who stated;

“Capitalism is when a few people are rich, and socialism is when everyone is rich.”

It’s unfortunate that people don’t understand what socialism is, and of course that quote is in total error. Generally socialism is where everyone is poor, everyone is equally poor, and everyone has to wait in line, as and an inefficient government tries to control the flows of labor, money, capital, and production. Americans should be well advised that socialism won’t work, and it especially won’t work in the United States with such a strong willed people.

There was an interesting piece recently in Miller-McCune (Smart Journalism. Smart Solutions) on July 15, 2011 titled; “New Research Suggests Everybody’s Less Satisfied” by Tom Jacobs which stated in the leader-teaser paragraph; “A widely read 2009 study described a decline in self-reported well-being among American women. Newly published research finds this trend also holds true for men.”

Apparently, the old study seemed to conclude that the ‘feminist movement’ caused a decline in happiness for ladies, but now the guru psychologists find both men and women are dissatisfied and generally unhappy – the study went on to say;

“Both sexes witnessed comparable slippages in self-confidence, growing regrets about the past, and declines in virtually every measure of self-reported physical and mental health, regardless of gender, age, marital status, and educational attainment.”

Now then, obviously the University professors that put together that report probably have a socialist mindset and left leaning political thinking. So of course they wouldn’t at all be thinking that socialism is the problem, but I would submit to you that it is the problem. And folks are beginning to feel unhappy because their standard of living and quality of life has diminished. Of course, that’s always what happens when a nation moves towards socialism.

Indeed, the study shouldn’t surprise anyone, as historians have watched this play out time and time again in many nations around the globe. Perhaps, the American people need to step back, learn what socialism is, and make sure it never occurs here in the United States. Capitalism works, it’s what’s made us strong, and we should stick with the program. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.”

Socialism: Where your neighbor is rankled you own something he or she does not own and reports you to a government official who is rankled you enjoy owning something he or she owns and enjoys, too.

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