Attack By Mysterious Beast Inspires Poetic Victim To Put Pen To Paper

    The Shadow of the Cat

    A chance encounter never meant to be
    Would chill the heart of you or me
    On a dark and icy winters night
    A power stronger then the wildest wind
    Held on to me so tight
    No moon in the nighttime sky
    Fangs pierced into my thigh
    To ensure such fear and pain
    She escaped the devils reign
    A legacy of ridicule left to me
    While in those glens
    She still roams free

    When once again night steals the day
    The laughter shall die away
    And you may come to know
    Fear of the shadow that haunts your dreams
    No one may hear your screams
    A bond we will now share
    Knowledge there is something out there
    The shadow now falls upon you and I
    In dreams of terror
    We shall once again see
    The shadow of the cat

    ~ Doris Moore

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