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Man in South Crolina Recounts Death, Trip to Heaven, and Alleged ‘Secret’ from Jesus

FROM THE PAGE: “… He was clinically “dead” for 28 minutes. That was what emergency responders recorded.

In actuality, Bobby was in another world.

“The simple description of Heaven is Creation in perfection. There is green grass and trees with green leaves, but the color green in its purest form. The streets really are gold, but it’s not the same as the gold we see here. It’s perfect and pure because there are no impurities — anywhere!

“There are gates that I can’t even begin to describe them to you because their ornate design is like nothing I’ve ever seen on earth. To look at one of those gates made of pure pearl, with a design that perfectly matches its size and dimension, is breathtaking. But perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of Heaven is the water. There are no words to even come close to water in its purest, perfect state as it gently moves along the shore.”

“He (Jesus) didn’t look like any picture you’ve ever seen,” says Brunson, “but He was beautiful. I looked at my dad. He wasn’t surprised, but I sure was! I felt like a little kid. I’m standing next to Jesus! I wish I could describe Him to you, but I can’t. As hard as it is to describe the perfect creation of Heaven, it is even harder to describe the most perfect One of all — Jesus.”

When he (Jesus) looked at Bobby, the South Carolinian was flooded with “the most incredible” sense of unconditional love. It was Jesus Who informed him that he had to go back to earthly existence (“It’s time to go now”). Before Bobby did, however, he says he asked the Lord when He Himself was coming back, and Jesus said He could not tell him just when that would be, because if He did, humans would wait until the last possible moment to convert.

“But I can tell you this,” Bobby asserts the Lord told him, looking like He was about to let Bobby in on something:

“I’m coming back soon — sooner than you think.””

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