Seer Details Mysterious ‘Parchment’ Says First ‘Secret’ Will Be Known Around World, Intriguingly Mum On Concept Of ‘Illumination’

From the page: “…When the first secret is about to occur, Mirjana told me (as she has in the past), she will give it to Father Ljubicic, who will then fast with her for seven days and announce it three days in advance. This is not a choice; she said he must do it, and that if for some reason he is not around, another priest will be chosen. “He doesn’t have the choice to say or not to say,” she said, quashing reports to the contrary. She quotes Our Lady as saying, “What I started at Fatima I will finish in Medjugorje.” Pope John Paul II said the same.

“This time is the time of decision,” says the seer — leaving us, again, little doubt about the serious nature of our times — although all the seers deflect discussion of the negative and focus on how the Blessed Mother comes to deliver joy, optimism, and hope. Interestingly, all six say Mary mainly refers to herself as the “Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Mirjana’s daily apparitions halted when she became the first to receive all ten of her secrets on Christmas Day in 1982. It was two months after the apparitions began that she received her first secret, and she received all of her ten within a year. She began receiving “extra apparitions” on the second of each month beginning on August 2, 1987 (along with an annual one on her birthday).

She says she can’t talk about whether the secrets will occur in her lifetime. Vicka has said she will still be receiving apparitions as the secrets unfold. Seer Marija Pavlovic, 46 — whose secrets include ones about her personally, about the Church, and about the “whole world” — once “flushed” when Father Ivica Vego, a priest from Mostar, asked about the future of the West (which the Blessed Virgin Mary has says has progressed but without God). There are “good things and bad things” in the secrets, says Ivanka. Is it a long future? “For some it is long; for some it is short.” We are destroying the world, she said, “not God.” We will all “have a role to play in the unfolding of the secrets. That is part of God’s Plan. Each person on the earth will be involved in the unfolding of the secrets. God calls us to be faithful, in all circumstances in our lives. He calls us to be faithful to His Will. Through prayer, each of us knows what that is.” It is the devil who inspires fear. We discuss these matters in greater depth at our retreats.

In Mirjana’s case is the incredibly intriguing claim that she was given a “parchment” on which her secrets are written — in such a way that if someone looked at it, they would only be able to read the secrets with special grace.

She says it was handed to her by the Blessed Mother when she was given her tenth secret and is tangible, slightly larger than a sheet of notebook paper (she indicated to me about 11.5 by 9.5 inches).

Once, during the war, she left it in Sarajevo. But the secrets on it can only be read with special grace. “U.N. soldiers brought it back to me and they had no idea what they were carrying,” she says. “One saw a prayer on it, another a request for prayer from one person to another.”

She can’t talk about whether the secrets will unfold in her lifetime. But she made the equally intriguing remark that the parchment is not so she can remember the secrets so much as in case she is not around for all the secrets. They include “dates and places, everything,” she said. “I don’t have to be alive. I don’t think about it. The Blessed Mother comes to bring love and hope.”

When asked about the concept of a coming “illumination,” an event that would open the consciences of everyone on earth, Mirjana — again, intriguingly — said, “I cannot speak about that.”

On the first secret, she says “Everyone will know at the same time.”

And so we wait and feel the grace. Peace is extremely tangible here. She says Mary appears about three feet in front of her and a foot and a half above the ground. There is suddenly all around blue like the sky and Our Lady in the middle. “I can say that painting or picture is beautiful,” she said, but not that any painting or picture accurately captures the Blessed Mother.

How can someone judge it without coming here? It is the epitome of hubris. The Vatican’s Commission has been quietly visiting. No one knows how many times they may call the seers. It is said that there cannot be an approval until the apparitions halt. There have been historical exceptions. Also, Rome might be waiting to see if there are true prophecies. In Kibeho, Rwanda, which was approved by the Church, the major prophecy — of genocide — came true, although there are others pertaining to events yet in the future. Will the secrets of Medjugorje materialize?…”

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