New York adds parks and beaches to smoking ban – Telegraph

New York adds parks and beaches to smoking ban
New York City has added the city’s parks and beaches to the list of places where smoking is banned.

From the page: “The ban, which officials hope will prevent problems caused by second-hand smoke, adds to the city’s 2003 ban on cigarettes in bars and restaurants.

The new law will not be enforced by police but by some 200 parks personnel who watch over the city’s 29,000 acres of park land and beaches. Violators face a $50 fine but officials say the ban is meant to be largely self-enforcing.

“We don’t think that people should be exposed to those chemicals when they go to a park to enjoy the fresh air,” city Health Commissioner Thomas Farley told Reuters.

Saleswoman Polonia Jourdain, sitting on a park bench with her eight-month-old nephew, said she was happy with the ban.

“I don’t want to smell smoke wherever I go,” said Jourdain, 17. “The smell of cigarettes makes me nauseous and gives me headaches.”

New York’s City Council voted in February to broaden the city’s smoking prohibitions to cover its 1,700 parks, beaches, boardwalks and pedestrian plazas, such as Times Square.

The city follows Chicago and Los Angeles, which have already enacted similar bans.

New Yorkers still can smoke on pavements, car parks, streets and in their homes, although many landlords of rental properties do not allow it.

Not everyone was so pleased by the new law. The ban represents “an extreme revocation of civil liberties rather than telling people to just walk away,” said Audrey Silk, a member of New York Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment.

“If you held up the evidence up to sunlight, it would disintegrate,” she said.

Some New Yorkers said they were confused by the limits.

“Can you smoke on the sidewalk next to a park?” asked attorney Alex Roberts, 36, smoking a cigarette in violation of the ban.
New York health officials say cigarettes kill more than 7,000 residents a year. In 2002, 21 per cent of New York adults smoked and the percentage is now down to 15.8 per cent, Farley said.

Bloomberg has promoted health measures including a ban on trans fats in restaurant food and a requirement that chain restaurants display calorie counts on menus…”

The leadership in the Democratic Party is filled with little Bolsheviks. This article reflects that, but if this by itself is not enough evidence, there is enough evidence throughout its history, let alone current events.

Here are some examples, but there is much more:

This is the Democratic Party as Tammany Hall
This is the Democratic Party as Copperheads
This is the Democratic Party as Limousine Liberals

It should not be construed that I don’t think there haven’t been fine Democratic politicians. There have been, and I’ve personally known some and have been an acquaintance of others. But I know of none anymore.

(Incidentally, although Democrats claim to be Liberals, there are those that argue that Classical Liberalism is the only true liberalism.)

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