Former general charged with spying for China – Taipei Times

Former general charged with spying for China

From the page: “Military prosecutors yesterday indicted Lo Hsien-che (???), former head of communications and electronic information at the army command headquarters, on suspicion of providing military secrets to China, saying they would seek a sentence of life in prison.

Lo, at the center of the nation’s biggest espionage case in 50 years, has been detained since Jan. 25.

The Ministry of National Defense said in a statement that Lo was charged in accordance with military law with spying for the enemy, delivering military secrets to the enemy and receiving bribes.

The statement alleged that Lo was recruited by Chinese agents in 2004 and is suspected of collecting military secrets and delivering confidential information to Beijing.

The statement said that Lo, as a high-ranking military official who had been cultivated by the ministry and his country, should have been loyal and served his country. Instead, Lo’s actions seriously jeopardized national interests, national security as well as the reputation and morale of the military, it said.

The statement added that Lo could have been recommended for the death penalty, but given that he had admitted his actions during the investigation and that he returned bribes he took from China, military prosecutors requested life imprisonment instead.

The statement did not mention whether the 51-year-old one-star general had had access to a joint Taiwan-US military communications project, called Po Sheng, and whether he had leaked confidential information about the project.

Local media previously alleged Lo was lured by sex and money offered by a female Chinese agent while he was stationed in Thailand between 2002 and 2005.”

While Obama is dalllying with White house parties – like the White House is a frat house – the Chinese government is raping the U.S. through espionage and cyperhacks. If I recollect correctly, it’s estimated that 1 in 4 visitors from China is a spy. I’ve heard Europe has a similar problem.

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